Aakash-World’s Cheapest Android Tablet Launched in India


The much awaited android Tablet “Aakash” which is the world’s cheapest android tablet ($35) is launched in India. The Union Minister for Human Resource and Development, Kapil Sibal launched the Aakash Tablet in New Delhi (Oct. 5,2011).  This cheapest tablet computer is completely aimed at delivering latest technology to help common people to enjoy the fruits of technology.

It is reported that the new tablet will be sold to students at a price of approx Rs. 1720($35) to accelerate digital media access across the country. The minister announced that the tablet will primarily be offered in a quick run of 1,00,000 pieces prior to being rolled out to secondary students over the coming few months.

aakash specs

For teachers and students, the government subsidies assure a price tag of $35.  The manufacturer Datawind is planning the commercial release of the Aakash android tablet where it will be sold for INR 2,999. The London based manufacturer DataWind, will be launching the commercial version UBSLATE with added functionalities like SIM (to access the internet) and an in-built cellular modem.

Both the commercial and subsidized version of the cheapest tablet, will run on the Google’s Android platform, with cloud storage and WiFi connectivity. The tablets will have two USB ports along with 256 MB of RAM and a 32 GB expandable memory slot.

Aakash Tablet Specifications

aakash tablet specs

The Aakash tablet specs can be briefed as:

  • Resistive touch screen (7″)
  • Pixel resolution(800×480)
  • Android 2.2 Froyo
  • 350 gm weight
  • 366MHz processor

It is a bitter fact that Aakash will not come with access to the Android Marketplace. It will have the Ubisoft browser which is expected to access the web pages considerably.

design and price of aakashPrice and Availability of Aakash Tablet

The new tablet is manufactured in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Rajasthan). The commercial version is expected be launched within 60 days. Without any Chinese help, the tablet is completely manufactured in the country. This is considered to be an ultra-field trial and with the success of this operation, the government is palnning to give 10 million Aakash tablets at an affordable price of $35/unit.

The UbiSlate will be available in the retail stores from November for an attractive price of $60 (Rs. 2999). This is a much appreciable move from the Indian government and a boon to the poor students.



    • Tablets are a luxury expcet as far as reading goes.About 75% of my reading is done via tablet with 15% by phone and the rest by paper sources. My IPad2 tablet is/was nice, but it is a device looking for a mission. You look at it and have to think OK, what else can I do with it ? and What else can I do with it after that ? and so on. Don’t have the time to play at making the IPad an important or integral part of my life. Frankly, I don’t even use it much now at all -even lent it out! Conversely, my small tablet an Amazon Kindle Fire has done exactly what I want. I use it to a) read b) watch Amazon Prime (free) Videos, c) web browsing when not near the computer d) some online shopping, at Amazon, Ebay and other sites. I really like the smaller size. It has great battery life and can be used with one hand and is pocketable.Don’t use my tablet(s) for much more than that it for more than that(Yeah I rooted the Kindle, and rarely use the (pretty good) Amazon launcher/interface, preferring ADW Ex, and I also have OTA rootkeeper to keep the video app working). Thanks this is a good, relevant tablet question Before thinking of buying a tablet people should consider how they might use it -or better, are they unsatisfied with some part of their (mostly) on-line computing experience that a tablet can make better?

    • Yes, It is focused mainly for students. Hence there are limitations. But I think at this price, it is a boon for the Indian students to use a tablet for their studies.
      When it comes to features, advanced users can think about other higher versions of this tablet.

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