AMD FX 8120: 8-Core CPU Review And Features


AMD launched their much awaited high performance FX series CPUs. The latest series from AMD presents three unique forms:

  • FX 4100 series (quad core processor) – Four cores and 3.6 GHz CPU base (3.8 GHz Max Turbo, 3.7 GHz Turbo Core)
  • FX-6100 (hexa core processor)
  • FX-8120 and FX-8150 CPUs (flagship octa core processors)

Coming up with a new CPU architecture is undoubtedly a tough task that includes  challenges of different dimensions.  You are making a new design and implementing it to meet the current user needs. On the other side, we can call it as an attempt to forecast client interest, developing hardware and software for a product.

A new CPU architecture design demands well-defined market study and analysis to achieve the desired result from market. But the first-line response throws light on the success of this product in the marketplace.

AMD comes up with the first-ever eight-core CPU, enabling high-end multi-display gaming, HD content, mega-tasking and advanced features at an attractive price.

AMD FX 8120

Users can easily create AMD “Scorpius” platform for highly advanced gaming and entertainment experience by combining an AMD 9-series chipset motherboard, AMD FX CPU and AMD Radeon graphics cards (HD 6000 series).

AMD FX-8120 CPU Specs:

  • 8 Cores
  • 32 nm SOI Process Technology
  • Core Base: 3.1 GHz
  • CPU Turbo Core: 3.4 GHz and 4.0 GHz CPU Max Turbo
  • 8MB L2 Cache and 8MB L3 Cache
  • AM3+ Socket
  • Black Edition offered
  • Codename is Zambezi
  • Dual Channel DDR3-1866 Memory Support
  • 95 Watt TDP