Android Custom ROMs- What You Need To KNow


Android custom ROM is not a new entrant to the android marketplace. It is nothing but a complete standalone OS version that contains everything just like the normal OS.  But the only exception is that it is customized in some manner. Even though i told it is similar to the normal OS and you can use the device perfectly, you may be thinking about the “customized” part.

What exactly is an android custom ROM? Developers enjoy absolute freedom to take stock ROMs, change it constructively, modify them, optimizing and adding new elements that brings about a novel span of android use. There is an exceptional chance to customize things, allowing us to modify according to imagination and skill.

If you are not satisfied with the stock OS, you can go for a modified android version (ROMs). But it is often confusing to select a custom ROM as there are multitudes of android devices and developers in the marketplace. It is the ROM that contains the basic applications and the OS to make your device work.

Benefits of an Android Custom ROM

  • Frequency of updates

Most of the custom ROMs can be updated without any reinstalling procedures. The update frequency results in improved features and usability.

  • Improved efficiency and performance

The custom ROM developers clean the ROM from unwanted garbage and hence results in an efficient ROM with more space and speed. The kernel optimization ensures a healthy battery life over the stock ROMs.

  • Removal of “bloatware”

The unnecessary or trial software carriers are removed so that your device will have enough space for other useful apps.


  1. I have installed multiple custom roms on my old HTC Hero now, and I just love how Android allows you to mess around with it this much. I have upgraded my phone to newer version of Android many times using custom roms and lately I tried the HTX Zero 0.21 Rom which installs Android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.5 on my 2.5 year old HTC Hero!

    Very interesting stuff!

    I wrote a review on it if anyone is interested which you can find here: