Android Ice Cream Sandwich-What you need to know


What exactly is  android Ice cream sandwich?

As rumors about Android Jellybean is waving around the tech world, here it is time to discuss about the ice cream android. It is expected to fill the gap between  tablets and mobile phones so that the new version will be able to run on both devices. Google stated that: ‘Our goal with Android Ice Cream Sandwich is to deliver one operating system that works everywhere, regardless of device. Ice Cream Sandwich will bring everything you love about Honeycomb on your tablet to your phone’

We are not sure about the  numerical system which will be used here. Like Gingerbread 2.3, Honeycomb 3.1, we can expect it to be 4.0. It is just merely an expectation. Google has one clear motive here to put an end  to use different versions of Android on devices.It is a clear move from Google to put an end to android fragmentation.

The concept of using a “single OS that runs everywhere” is much appreciated in the android marketplace. It would be a standard platform for all the devices running on android.

Ice Cream Sandwich release date

Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt reported on September 7th that it will be released in October/November.

The Interface and Features

It  will showcase all the interface features of Android 3.0 Honeycomb plus exciting new possibilities. You will get  the updated app launcher,  interactive and new home screen widgets, holographic user interface along with the multi-tasking panel. Google says  is it will incorporate all the popular benefits of  the Android tablet OS, Honeycomb and make ice cream useable on smartphones too.

Android tablets will be given the ability to perform as a USB hub. It also comes up with the ability to hook up devices  like keyboards and game controllers to  smartphones and tablets.

An expanded multitasking tool will be made available to the smartphone users. It may include a system manager that handles your open resources. It will be much useful as you won’t be prompted to quit an application on  your android tablet or run out of memory at any time. The features include:

  • standardized features
  • open source
  • OpenGL headtracking (introducing 3D stuff)


It is confirmed that Ice cream sandwich will be the android 2.4 version!!



  1. Why is it called Android 4.0 then???
    I tried it/… system requirement is more, so a bit slow in 1GHz scorpion, but good new features… still not clear about rooting and so on, some says it will spoil your device warranty,.. whats the fact??