Android Phone-An iPhone Alternative ??


Android or iPhone ? It  is one of the most discussed topic among the smart phone users around the globe. When we consider smart phones, it is the Apple’s iPhone which had deep impact in the mobile phone marketplace over other devices. This revolutionary smart phone is a  cemented warrior against an endless list of smart phones. But the real beginning of smart phone revolution marked with the entry of android phones. This smarter android revolution easily led to a new era free of limitations. android and iphone

If you are looking for iPhone alternatives, it is high time to choose an android phone. The android and iPhone evaluation depends on a number of different factors. The features offered by both the smart phones are carefully examined from several angles to reach a conclusion. Selecting the perfect smart phone might be a critical task here. This article might be an eye opener for those who are planning to buy a smart phone.

  • Apps and widgets

The screen of an iPhone is visually littered and complex with icons because the widgets that are on the android screen offers one touch information with just a click. In terms of Google usage, android performs better and is perfect for serious Gmail users. This is a major drawback of iPhone.

  • Network lock and availability

The most important reason to prefer an android over iPhone is the universal availability of android phones. This is a clear-cut difference with the iPhones that are available only through selected outlets and Apple stores.

The network lock is a serious problem that restricts iPhones to use in different networks. It often limits the freedom to choose a service provider out of interest and usability. The iPhone cannot be used with any provider other than the subscribed service provider. But android phones are completely free from network restrictions.

  • Browsing 

In terms of web browser features, android phones enjoys a superior position over the iPhone. When iPhone supports a single browser (safari), android phone offers extensive browser support along with flash. But the expensive iPhones don’t support flash and at the same time comes up with single browser.

  • Customizable

The android phones are easily customizable and hence you don’t have to think about jail-breaking! It offers rooms for endless personalization and you can decide and configure the behavior of your android smart phone. But an iPhone is often bound to limitation and Apple’s decisions.

  • External need for software applications

iPhone demands to install iTunes on the desktop for transferring any music, videos or applications to your iPhone. But simple data transfer from any computer is enough for an android device.

Now, it’s your choice. You may go for an expensive iPhone or a smarter android powered device!

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  1. Very nice post. Some add ons frm my side. even android need jailbreaking for the root acces, since android is using linx kernl, v can modify,add,remov anythng frm tha fone. its coool