Android VNC Viewer- A Comprehensive Guide


Searching for remote PC access app for your android phone? Android VNC viewer is the right answer for your query!  If you are confused over the term  android VNC, I can simply define it as the gift of technology for the remote computing platform. Being able to access a remote computer is not a new concept and in this age of androids and iPhones, it is simply possible with android VNC. For any reason, you cannot be tied up inside a shell or a desktop, the powerful world of android makes it grasp freedom and enjoy the fruits of computing from a remote place with your android powered smartphone.

Out of the different android apps available in the marketplace, android VNC viewer is the most innovative application for your smartphone as it paves way for remote connection with your desktop and allows you to remotely access and interact with your desktop. This open source app can be easily downloaded and the Google android VNC is completely free to download from the online sources.

For the VNC-enabled computer,this app will let you use your phone as the android VNC client. The VNC server installed on your computer allows easy connection with your android phone. Once you set up the app, the android VNC viewer will establish connection with the remote desktop.

Android VNC Viewer


To make the connection, provide the VNC server’s port number and it will be mostly set to the first VNC port number 5900 by default. Press the connect button after setting the required fields,so that your android phone tries to establish a connection with the specific computer.

A successful VNC connection requires to handshake and authenticate so that the first frame of data can be downloaded and viewed from your android phone.  You have to adjust the firewall and router settings accordingly for the intended network communication if the connection is made using internet. Irrespective of the underlying platform, the VNC viewer can be used on any computer. So you can connect it with your  Mac OS X,Windows or Linux based system and control it using your android phone.

The android phone have special adaptations and keys for scaling, input methods and for navigation with ease. This simple and easy android VNC android app offers sophisticated security over the internet connection. From any part of the world, you can connect with your desktop or server so that you can view the desktop screen with higher resolution on your android device’s screen.

Android VNC viewer app comes with three basic modes of display and using the scaling menu,you can easily switch between these modes. The input modes offered by android VNC can be selected and adjusted according to the nature of application you use and for greater convenience,you may switch between these three modes.

Android VNC Download

The android market offers several versions of android VNC and the latest version 20101119 developed by Google is a free application for android users. You need to set up a VNC server connection on the connection configuration page after installing this version of VNC.

If the Android VNC’s development version is already installed in your phone, you must uninstall it before you try the market version of VNC. Any system that runs on a VNC-compatible server can use this android application that lets you access your remote desktop from your Android phone without making a feel that you away from your desktop.

The latest version f VNC 0.4.7 is compatible with all the versions of android and it can be connected to most of the Android VNC servers including TightVNC, RealVNC,Apple Remote Desktop on OS/X and x11vnc. You may also go for paid VNC applications such as the VNC Viewer developed by RealVNC which is known for its flexibility and robustness.

When you download this app, make sure that you download from a trusted site. The android vnc is the most popular app for remote computing from android phones.