Android VNC Viewer-Smarter Remote PC Access


vnc android

Have you ever thought above the limitless skies of apps offered by the android market? It is true that you can think about smarter remote pc access from your android smart phones. Android VNC viewer is the golden stick android app that allows you to connect remotely to your Linux, Windows or Mac desktop.

You might have come across various situations when you need to access your home PC  from a remote area. Sometimes you may need to use your home system from office or during a vacation time from another place. When you have an android powered smartphone, you don’t have to worry any more. The android VNC viewer is here and it is a revolutionary step towards remote controlling.

The android vnc viewer app in the android market is a cool innovative application which uses Virtual Networking Computing (VNC) to set up a two-way connection between a computer and a smartphone. You can start using this app by initially installing the android VNC server on your computer. This is a free application and you can easily download android vnc server app online.

the android smartphone will work as the vnc client for the vnc enabled computer. Once the set up is ready, the vnc viewer app works well over a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. But the small screens of the smart phone may be a limitation to the effective use of this app. Remember that when you set up the connection, you will be prompted for a password and a nickname. You must also give the IP address of your system at the proper address space.

vnc android

The android phone, will have special adaptations for scaling,  navigation and  input methods. So you may enjoy your desktop screen remotely on your smartphone.

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  1. smart application… really amazing that the little OS android have compatability with the big ones windows,linux and mac, and more amazing that they can manage them through networking…. may be android file manager got a lot of tasks to do..

  2. Oh.. Very good feature.. i am using remote desktop in my office using pcs.. I think that only pcs can be used for that remote desktop. But now i understood android phones also can be used.. thanks.. So now we can handle personal system even if in journey. i think this feature available in android only..? right?