AppleCare+ for iPhone4S


AppleCare+ for iPhone4S provides all the necessary coverage for your valuable device. When you buy an iPhone4S, you will be offered a protection plan called “AppleCare+” for your phone. Although it is expensive than the current AppleCare plan, it offers additional coverage including accidental damages. When it comes to the case of iPhone, there is hardware repair coverage for one year and an additional harmonizing support for 90 days.

If you are just holding onto the barrier about whether your phone needs an extended warranty, complete protection against accidental damage or nothing at all, as an iPhone owner it is your sole responsibility to take care of your device. It is indeed a good news that Apple provides easy to accommodate protection plans to accommodate new owners.  As opposed to the earlier system where the plan was exclusively made available only on the day of purchase, now the buyers can take up to 30 days to sign up for the plan. The $99 plan offers complete coverage for damages that happen accidently such as dropping your phone or some other unexpected mishap.


Now the question is whether you should go for it or not. The answer is probably “yes”. It is easy to get this fragile device damaged even if you are much careful about it. If you have to replace the front screen, it will alone cost you $200 and in case if you drop your iPhone into water, it will cost you even more.

From the exact date of purchase, the plan extends your coverage to two years.  It also includes additional accidental coverage (each of which subject to a service fee of $49). This expensive device is fully integrated and fragile so that it demands a perfect protection plan like AppleCare+. You can enjoy replacement or repair coverage from authorized and expert Apple technicians. It provides a one-stop solution to protective issues geared towards this device. The benefits of this plan can be outlined as:

  • Support from Apple experts
  • Replacement service
  • Ability to use with a PC or Mac
  • Carry-in or mail-in repairs

What is covered under the plan?

  •  iPhone4S along with accessories and earphones
  • Battery

With this plan, Apple specialists can assist you troubleshoot the concerns with your iPhone, applications and other similar issues. If you did not go for an AppleCare+ plan with your phone, you can sign up for it a reliable Apple retail store. You will need to verify the date of purchase and confirm the absence of pre-existing damages to avail the plan through a retail store.

How much does it cost?

It will cost you $99 and is a one-time fee which is just $30 more than the AppleCare plan which costs $69.