Automated Testing Tools-QTP v’s Selenium


What you know about automated functional testing tools like QTP and Selenium? Before you select a tool, it is essential to know about all the capabilities and negatives related to the tool. Simply consider the case of creating a wscript object in QTP using CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”).The script engine of QTP overrides WScript and hence a wscript object cannot be created using QTP. The selected automation tool must provide a perfect programming interface since automation is purely programming.

If you are using the Selenium tool, for each action in your application, separate codes has to written. It modifies the DOM structure of HTML page and all the actions are performed on the background of the browser. Within the web page, Selenium executes java script on the UI objects to perform actions like select, click, type etc. selenium offers less support to certain methods, events and objects. Selenium supports most of the objects while compared to QTP as the later requires extra plugins to work with the dot net components.

QTP supports all kinds of dialog boxes whereas Selenium offers only partial support for IE dialog boxes. Selenium supports a wide range of web browsers, but QTP supports only IE and Firefox. Also QTP supports most of the applications compared to the other one. But the most important point is QTP is not free tool and Selenium is an open source tool.


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