Beginner’s Guide On Apple New iPad-Features


The Apple new iPad is out there in the market with resolutionary features and amazing specs. If you are looking for Apple new iPad specs, read on. This is yet another promising device from Apple and the wide acceptance is the best proof. Let us move onto the details.

There is only one question here. Can a brighter screen and enhanced innards tempt enough people to make the move? The interesting part is the latest model of iPad lacks a number and most of the people are calling it as “iPad3” to avoid confusion. This third-line device from Apple with the supreme large-screen on the marketplace offers an unrivaled assortment of exceptional apps on a truly elegant screen.



What makes it different from the iPad 2? What are the differences between new iPad and iPad 2? If this is your question, the answer is simple. The swift 4G LTE and high-res screen display are the best attributes of what is altered from the crazily accepted iPad 2.  The deal is further sweetened with little enhancements like new dictation feature and improved rear camera. It is not the hardware of new iPad which is incredible and prompting. It is suggested just because of its software and the compilation of third-party apps which makes it a better option as a large-screen tablet.

Apple New iPad Specs


Apple New iPad Features

  •  Internet Connectivity- 4G LTE

The device presents 4G LTE internet connections on AT&T and Verizon Wireless, as well as HSPA+ links up to 42Mbps. The model from AT&T supports LTE on the AWS bands and AT&T 700 whereas the Verizon model supports LTE and CDMA EVDO Rev A on its own bands. The iPad also incorporates 802.11 b/g/n and 5GHz band which would be much helpful if you reside or work in a location with jam-packed Wi-Fi networks.

It supports fast mobile networks over the globe. It makes it easier to browse the web, download or stream content at amazing speeds. It offers the fastest 3G networks collaborating with worldwide GSM/UMTS technologies comprising HSPA, HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA. It would be hard to believe that you can download content within the shortest possible time.  With DC-HSDPA, you can enjoy downlink speeds up to 42 Mbps and up to 21.1 Mbps with HSPA+.


The new iPad is explicitly designed with cellular antennas that are capable of accessing a wide frequency spectrum. This simply implies that you can get in touch with the online world almost anyplace you are, despite of whether you are on Verizon or AT&T. It is even possible to use a local SIM card to get an internet connection when you are roaming.

  • iPad-Personal Hotspot

It makes it possible to share the fast data connection on your new iPad. If your network carrier supports it, the device can undoubtedly act as an individual hotspot for connecting up to five Apple devices such as iPod touch, MacBook Air, or another iPad over USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

  • iSight Camera

The iSight 5MP camera comes with a special backside lighting sensor that captures clear pictures whether by sunlight or candlelight. The functions like tap to focus, Autofocus and tap to set exposure functions makes your photography skills more polished and impressive. The built-in face detection function automatically balances exposure and focus. It can include up to 10 faces.


Here the larger aperture (f/2.4) lets in more light so that the image looks more brighter. When it comes to the case of cameras, the Megapixels play a key role. But the excellence of a photo is decided by other features too like the image signal processor, camera’s optics and the software. The iSight camera employs superior optics to provide you the finest picture probable.

With five-element lens and ƒ/2.4 aperture, it captures light professionally to create a sharper image. The hybrid infrared filter which is typically used in classy SLR cameras makes the iSight camera safe from harmful IR light, so that you will get uniform colors.

  • iPad Retina Display

The new iPad Retina display characterizes a 2048-by-1536 resolution along with 3.1 million pixels in the same 9.7-inch display area. An advanced color saturation of 44 percent makes the retina display much more efficient. Compared to the iPad 2, it is about four times more number of pixels and million pixels more than an HDTV.

  • retina-display-new-iPadA5X Chip

The A5X chip is the main brain behind iPad and the retina display. The quad-core graphics helps to deliver the same silkiness and flexibility iPad is recognized for. Even with all that additional features, the new device still have an astonishing battery life of 10 hours.

  • Dictation

Like Siri, iPad new offers an impressive feature that allows you to email, send messages and create text documents with your voice alone. You can just speak instead of typing. All you need to do is tap the microphone icon on the keyboard. This feature also works well with third-party applications so that you can easily share thoughts via Twitter or update your Facebook status.


With impressive features like iCloud, Retina dispaly, iSight camera and many others, new iPad is a valuable device from Apple.