Beginner’s HTML guide


You might have noticed how fast the new websites bubble up on the internet. But have you ever thought of making a website of your own? You can easily explore the limitless skies of coding to make a website simply by knowing a coding language, called as “HTML”.

If you are a beginner searching for the perfect HTML tutorial, this one might be for you. Here you can find a simple outline about this coding language that enables anyone who is interested in knowing this language can grab the right lessons for the right coding future. With intense patience and ample time, you can gradually master the art of HTML coding simply by following each and every step of this tutorial.tutorial html

The Hyper-Text Markup Language or HTML is the basic language of websites where Hypertext refers to a simple and small piece of text that takes the role of a link. The layout information is written within the documents with the help of “Markup Language”.

Getting Started with HTML

Creating an HTML document is the initial step to be done before you proceed to the actual coding. An HTML document is nothing but a plain text file that contains only text. This can be created by following these given steps:

  • First open up a normal plain text editor (if you are using Windows, it is the Notepad to be opened)
  • Create a new file and save it as “documentname.html”. This document is open to edit at any time.

HTML elements

Every individual piece of a website is described by an HTML element. It consists of different levels and each element consists of a basic three part structure that includes:

  • A paragraph tag that indicates opening ( <p>)
  • Words of the paragraph ( element content)
  • The closing tag (</p>)

These elements called as tags are considered to be the building blocks of HTML and all the tags are enclosed in “< and >”. The browser reads the content inside the tags and here is an example of HTML code:


We can check this with the help of a simple example:

Example: A piece of text that appears on the screen is “This is a type of bold text.”

The HTML code for the above example is: “This is a type of <b>bold</b> text.”

Whatever follows the start tag <b> should be shown bold here and the browser stops writing the text in bold when the end tag </b> is reached.

Basic understanding of an HTML code

All the normal webpages comprises of a head and a body. The tags and text that are not shown directly on the webpage forms the head whereas the body indicates the tags and text that appears directly on the page.

A start tag <html> indicates the beginning of an HTML document and is enclosed within the <html> and the end tag </html>. The division of head and body section is clearly shown in the code structure below:



    <title>Title of the document</title>



   Content of the document



 Now you got a simple picture about HTML and you may be wondering how easy it is to learn this language. You can definitely venture into your own world of websites with this magical coding language. This tutorial is just an introduction. You can find more detailed lessons in the coming sections.