Best and Cheapest IAAS Cloud Computing Providers


    There are multitudes of companies that provide cloud computing services like IAAS, PAAS etc. Here I have compiled a list of cheap IAAS cloud computing providers. Infrastructure as a Service is something vital for many of the companies. There are different plans where the user can select the best plan which is affordable and easy to use. Some cloud providers offer use based or subscription plans.


    Amazon and Luna Cloud offers per hour plans which are very cheap ($0.02 & $0.08). Check out the list below:

    Amazon Cloud Features:

    • Advanced security features including firewall, fail over features and data privacy.
    • Free monitoring and auto-scaling
    • Root access, Virtual private servers (but with a small charge)
    • Web hosting service not provided

    Luna Cloud:

    • Paid security options (snapshot backup)
    • Free load balancing, but no monitoring
    • Base plan from $0.02/hour
    • Free web hosting service

    Appcore Cloud:

    • Base plan starts at $0.05/hour
    • Free security optionsĀ  including Bootable mode, data protection and encryption, Intrusion detection
    • Paid security options including snapshot backup, fail over features, frequent backup of data
    • No auto-scaling
    • Free monitoring and load balancing
    • Web hosting with charge

    Cheapest IAAS Cloud Computing Providers:

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