Easy Steps to Remove Trojan Horse Virus Manually


Trojan horse removal tools are available in plenty these days. But, before going into the details, let me give a brief introduction about what is a Trojan horse virus and the types of Trojan horse. The notable point about this virus is its innocent mask which makes the user believes it as legitimate or useful software. This virus enters the system and the dangerous or malicious behavior is exhibited later.

 Here I am going to show some easy steps to remove Trojan horse virus manually if your computer is already infected by this dreadful virus.


Types of Trojan Horse Virus:

  • Virus that serve files
  • Remote administration virus
  • Password stealing Trojans
  • Downloader
  • Remote access Trojan (Eg: Back Orifice)
  • NVP Trojan (destructs system files in Mac)
  • Trojan.Killfiles (System killing virus)

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Steps to Manually Remove Trojan Horse Virus:

  • First you have to restart your system (in safe mode). Restarting in safe mode means only limited drivers are used to run the OS. This would help to locate and remove the Trojan horse virus easily from the system.

>How to start system in safe mode?

>Reboot your system and then press “F8”. When the boot menu comes up, select “safe mode with networking”. Now you have opened your system in safe mode

  • If you have a virus scanner, this is the best way to scan your system to find the virus. If you find any infections, select the removal option so remove the virus from your system. These are some of the free virus scanners available online:

>Eset online free virus scanner

  • Download an effective anti-malware program and install it. This program would detect malicious software or codes that normal virus scanners can’t detect. After detecting the virus, you may easily remove it from your system. Now restart the system and start up in normal mode. 🙂