Easy Steps to Unlock Your Android Phone


unlock androidAndroid unlock is not a new term in the android marketplace. Most of the android users wish to unlock their android phones to enjoy the most of these phones. It is particularly true that Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) is the most vital organ of any phone. But all the mobile phones will have a specific carrier and a SIM card which is unique. It is simply termed as “locked phone” with specific restrictions on the network carrier.

So, why you need to unlock your android phone? The answer is simple.

  • Unlocking your android phone enables you to use an android phone anywhere around the globe. You can prefer any network service provider so that it paves way for better financial savings. This allows you to select cheap call plans and tariffs.
  • There is no risk involved in the process as it is completely legal to unlock android phone.
  • Increased value. If you are planning to sell your unlocked android device, it is more welcomed by potential buyers and you will get a better price compared to locked android phones.

Today, you can easily shop for an unlocked android phone from the android market. Without any restrictions, you can use this phone with your current SIM card.

How to Unlock Android Phone

Before you attempt to unlock your android device, make sure that you did enough research on this topic. Even the process is simple, you need to be careful when you deal with your device. To unlock android phone, you need a GSM provider like T-mobile, Rogers, AT&T or Fido. You can’t do this with a cdma phone like Bell, Verizon or Telus.

You need to get an”unlock code” for your phone if you wish to unlock from your current network carrier. The unlock codes will cost you money. You may call up your manufacturer and ask for the unlock code. Although this procedure takes time, it is more economical than shopping  online for the unlock code. If you wish to purchase the unlock code online, you must consider a trusted provider. depending on your android phone, the prices for codes ranges from $9.99 to $24.99.

Screen to enter unlock code pattern

Steps to Unlock Your Android Phone

1.   Now you have obtained the unlock code for your mobile phone. Next you need to know the IMEI number of your phone. This you can find by simply checking  settings->about phone->status.

2.   Turn off your phone and insert the new SIM card.

3.    Boot up your android phone and enter the obtained unlock code on the screen when prompted.

Now you have successfully unlocked your android phone!

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