Easy Tips To Choose a Tablet For You


If you are planning to buy a tablet, you need to know several things that would help you choose a perfect device. Each day, new tablet models are arriving in the marketplace and selecting the best one from such a huge list is not an easy task for common man. Here, I will outline some of the most basic factors that will help you purchase a better tablet without any doubt.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you need a 7” smaller tablet or a 10+ inch tablet?
  • Which OS you prefer-Android or iOS?
  • Can you afford a costly tablet?

These are some of the basic questions. Let us move onto some of the details. A tablet was considered a costly device in the past. But the situation is not the same as before. Leading manufacturers stepped into the world of tablets and came up with affordable tablets with great features. The impact in the market was quite high this year. Now you may simply visit a shop and select a tablet that matches with your budget. Yes, we are talking about budget tablets! J

Now you are ready to select a tablet. First you need to carefully analyze the specs offered by each of the device.

Note: Try not to be a victim of attractive offers and price tags!

  • Ability to upgrade the OS

Today, affordable tablets are largely based on the Android OS compared to the highly-priced iOS tablets. You need to check whether you can upgrade the OS to a newer version. Upgradability is a fine quality to have as it would offer added features that comes with each version update.

  • Type of screen

Display size is something important for any tablet. Some people go for large screen size while others prefer 7” screens. You need a tablet that offers better usability in terms of screen. The touchscreen type would be a primary factor that accounts for a nice user experience.

It is much easier to use a capacitive touch screen when compared to the resistive type. Also make sure that the screen is of better quality.

  • Connectivity Options


Most of the tablets in the market come with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. It is better if the tablet you select can support GPRS/3G connectivity. You can connect pen drives and additional keyboards if the tablet has USB device support.

  • Does the tablet have a Camera?

Check the camera specs if you fond of taking pictures. Those tablets with higher MP values would be better for better picture experience!