Effective Tips to Maximize Android Phone’s Battery Life


The Android phone’s battery life can be one of the restrictions that often trouble you from enjoying the most out of your phone. If you are hooked in the new Android phone, it’s time to maximize the android battery life. Cell phone battery life is something that affects almost everyone. People who are looking to come up with new innovations in that area sometimes look into learn the skills to forge new paths in technology.

The features and applications that are provided on the phone is of no use when the battery power is empty. The general idea to save the android battery life is to eliminate or reduce the applications that drain the battery as possible, allowing sufficient time for the battery to breathe. Extensive, slimmer design, bigger screens, faster processors, displays clear and the newer chips have a shared responsibility of the decreased battery life. Here are some easy ideas to increase the battery life of mobile phone:

Maximize Android Phone’s Battery Life

Use the power of Android widgets
You can increase your phone battery throughput by using the widget that enables power control. It allows you to switch Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, or sync modes. If you do not use wireless Internet, it is often advisable to disable the Wi-Fi of your phone. Similarly, you can disable the GPS or Bluetooth when you are not using it.

Use built-in battery usage screen
You can find applications that readily slow down an Android phone, simply by using the built-in screen that shows the power usage. This means you can find out the offender apps, in order to reduce the use of such applications.

Try to kill background tasks that are often useless
Use Task Manager to stop the tasks tha tdo not run on the phone so that it would be very useful to reduce battery usage. Auto-kill options are of great help as the unnecessary tasks will be killed automatically.

Most of the reviews of the Android phone has stressed that the constraints of the battery are mostly because of useless or unwanted applications. Often, it is advisable to remove the applications to synchronize the time, so that you can save a lot of battery power.

This is just a simple step to maximize android phone battery life. There are several other ways to accomplish this. But these basic and simple steps will be helpful for the android users to increase battery life.