Eugene Kaspersky-Man Behind “Kaspersky Antivirus Software”


Eugene Kaspersky is a name that is not much familiar to you. But we all are familiar with the name “Kaspersky antivirus software”. He is the man behind the most popular and successful antivirus software and is nicknamed as “Virus Hunter” in the computer arena.


Eugene was born on October 4, 1965 in Novorossiysk, Russia. He was quite interested in learning mathematics during his early years of childhood. Apart from children of similar age, he was specifically interested in solving puzzles and quizzes. He was lucky enough that his parents understood his inclination towards mathematics and decided to send him for focused education.

He got selected for special classes in physics and math conducted by the Moscow State University. The class was specifically arranged for talented students. Later he joined the Russian Institute of Cryptography and graduated in the year 1987. He paid attention to mathematical engineering and computer related studies.

His mind was more biased towards research oriented studies and hence he decided to work at a research center after his graduation.

The Turning Point

In October 1989, one of his colleagues came to him with a file which was responsible for causing weird visual changes on his system. Eugene was inquisitive about that particular file and hence he analyzed the contents of the file. He was able to make a disinfection function for that virus. The virus is known as “Cascade”.

He became popular around his center as he killed a virus. People started coming into his room with files that behave weird. He took only a few months to analyze these viruses and he soon developed and improved a disinfection utility named as “-V”. His curiosity in this domain increased and soon he realized that it was more than a hobby to him.


When the computer viruses began to spread all around, in 1991, he and his colleagues developed Anti Viral Toolkit Pro (AVP) which is the prototype for Kaspersky Anti-virus.

This motivated them to develop an effective virus protection mechanism. It was their confidence and hard work which resulted in the result. It was in 1994, they achieved a substantial result when AVP was first introduced to the international audience and participated in a test conducted by researchers from other Universities.

Birth of Kaspersky Lab


The product was developed gradually and in 1997, he thought it is matured to launch into the market as a commercial product. They established a new company named “Kaspersky Lab”. Eugene was the head of the antivirus domain in the Lab and until he was selected as the CEO in 2007. In 2010, the company achieved a meritorious position (4th in the world ranking) as an antivirus software developer.

growth-of-virusPersonal Life:

Eugene lives with his family in Moscow. He has got three kids and he enjoys himself as a public speaker who delivers motivational speeches.