Exceptional Features of Windows 8


Windows 8 is the latest buzz word in the technology platform. If you are looking for information on windows 8, hope this article might be for you. The news about windows 8 release accompanies a line of rumors and imaginations. The next version of Microsoft windows is quite promising in terms of advanced features and usability. The new features of this latest windows version was officially unveiled by Microsoft  at the  D-9 conference held at California.

It is beyond doubt that windows 8 would ignite a revolutionary change in the operating system marketplace. The release date of this next generation OS is still behind the curtains. The official video demo showcased the features of this latest OS. Check out this video here:

Building Windows 8 Video-1

(View on You tube)

Trusted sources reported that Microsoft fired two employees over the  windows 8 leaks. Most of the rumors over the OS release points out that a private beta version of Windows 8 might be released by September,this year. The tablet version which was earlier demonstrated at D 9 conferences reveals that the new windows version opens room for active information at a finger-touch.

Features of Windows 8:

  • Extensive capabilities for Multitasking and specially redesigned UI.
  • A “start screen” replaced the start menu of the earlier Windows versions. Two applications can be displayed (side-by-side)on the screen at the same time.
  • Ability to readily snap apps to the side of the screen.
  • Multi-monitor support along with cost limiter for Wi-Fi/3G/WWAN. This allows the admin to put a reliable cap over data transfer. It also offers the ability to disable mobile roaming.
  • Requires system requirements of Windows 7 or same as other lower versions( No need of any hardware enhancement).
  • More safe from hacks due to OEM activation 3.0 (windows 7 used OEM activation 2.1).
  • Shows up-to-date information from applications and features “live”tiles that blends notifications.
  • Web-connected applications built using JavaScript and HTML 5 with fully powered access to the PC.
  • Exceptional touch optimized browsing ( but also works well with keyboard and mouse).
  • Built-in facility for reading pdf (pdf reader called as “Modern reader”).
  • Integration of XBOX Live that creates a media and gaming arena between Windows devices.
XBOX Live integration

It was reported that XBOX live will be soon coming to PC’s and it is almost confirmed that Windows 8 comes up with XBOX live integration.

NOTE:  “One Tablet only restriction” to accompany windows 8. The tablet chip-makers of Windows 8 are told not to work with multiple computer manufacturer. This move points out that Microsoft is trying to make a smarter entry to the tablet marketplace.

The video demos showcased great backgrounds and sleek animations that would make Windows 8 more friendly in terms of visibility and appearance.

Windows 8 To Come Up With New File System-“PROTOGON”

This piece of information is centered around some rumors about the new file system of Windows 8. Most of the rumors about Protogon states that Microsoft would come up this new file system in the next generation OS-Windows8. By examining the beta leak, a new windows service called as ” Spot verifier” was identified. This service would explicitly offer the ability for real-time checking of bad sectors.

  • It may replace the NTFS file system with database concepts including cursors, transactions and tables.

We can expect much more from Windows 8 and is coming right away soon! There may be lots of innovative features in this net generation OS. We can wait and see what happens next!


  1. thanks for introducing next generation windows. i think windows are trying to do copy of MAC features.. not exactly copying , got inspired by Mac… veruthe enthina billgatesne pinakkunnath..