Famous and Incredible Black and White Logo Designs


Logo design is in effect the most demanding task for a designer as it outlines an identity with few colors and letters. Black and white logo designs are always attractive. Logo is the basic and vital graphic element that is widely used for public fame and authority by the individuals and companies.
The logo must be able to offer a quick overview of the enterprise or the business.


Like poster, cards or letters, logo is also an important element for the identity of a company. The major challenge behind designing a logo is to ensure the true meaning and value of a business which is represented by the logo. You should consider the following tips while designing a logo.

Compactness and simplicity

The logo has to be a simple one so that anyone can remember it easily. It may be used along with the company website, banner or business cards. You may find complex logo designs that are quite popular. The fact is complex logo designs were used in the starting period of industrial era. It is during the earlier period of industrial era the idea of using logos came into existence.It is highly recommended to use simple designs for a logo so that it can be remembered easily.


You may go for a single font or a mix of various fonts for your logo. The fond should be readable in diverse sizes. If you are going for strange font styles, make sure that it does not offend the view of the spectators.

Use Colors in minimal way

Normally used colors include silver, black and white and bright colors. It is better to limit the number of colors to three or two.

Now let us check out some creative and inspiring black and white logo examples. I have selected these logos as it would be helpful for beginners in the logo designing field.

Black and White Logo Designs






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