Google Drive Vs Dropbox Features


Google just entered into the storage world with the brand new “Google Drive” which is a real competitor for the Dropbox. Even though Dropbox is a small compared compared to Google, it has made its own deep impact in the storage domain.


Drive or Dropbox?

Although both offer similar features, you need to find the best one that fits your needs. Dropbox moxy and Google docs are on the right track with awesome features that attract the customers.

  • Desktop synchronization is the most important aspect of both. You just need to know to what extend these applications manage the synchronization part. This goal is perfectly achieved by oth Drive and Dropbox!
  • Users can benefit from the special upload features for images and additional storage of 500MB for each referral. Hence there is scope for total of 18GB (referrals and photo uploads).

Google Drive:

5GB free storage is an attracting feature offered by Drive. It allows you to upload files of any types. Compared to SkyDrive and Dropbox, you can upload variety of file formats. You can even search images using Optical Character Recognition technology. Drive is highly blended with other distinctive Google services like Google+, Docs etc.

  • Advanced search options help you to view PSD files, other image formats and are integrated easily with Gmail account.

The disadvantage or demerit of Drive is unavailability of mobile apps for both Windows phone and iOS.


2GB free space is the major attraction of Dropbox. If you are using a desktop, there is no specific limit for the upload size of the file. You can view the common file formats using the built-in viewer. It also keeps the file history of the uploaded file for a period of one month along with log details.

  • The storage space can be increased considerably by referring friends.
  • Files can be uploaded within short span of time and there is option for selective synchronization.

Compared to other cloud services, the premium plans of Dropbox are costlier.




I know a truthful comparison comes only after using both the services. I have used Dropbox earlier and now started using Drive. 🙂

Drive is actually awesome and I love using it. I would come up with a detailed comparison very soon with my own experience!