How to Import Facebook Friends to Google+


Google+ is making a revolutionary impact in the social media market.When Google made it much more easier to connect with your contacts in Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo, it made an interesting twist in the case of Facebook contacts. This article would be a help to understand how to import Facebook friends to Google+.You can find lots of Google+ articles here in the web.

The recent days showcase an accelerated migration of Facebook users to Google+. The import of friends from Facebook to Google+ was easy earlier with the chrome extension, but it is now blocked by Facebook. Check out this article and try to transfer your contacts to Google+.

How to transfer Facebook contacts to Google+

When you find it difficult to directly import Facebook contacts to Google, why can’t think of Yahoo? Your Yahoo address book can be used to import all your contacts from Facebook. It can directly transfer the contact information from Facebook to Yahoo address book. You just need to sign in to your yahoo account and go for the import option where you can select “Facebook”.


From here, select Facebook and log in to your Facebook account. Simply click on the ” okay” option to allow Yahoo to access your Facebook information. After all your contacts are imported select the ” done” option.

Now you can log into your Gmail account and go to Google+.  Click the “circles” and find the “Find friends” option there.


There you can click on Yahoo button and then the “agree” option to import Yahoo contacts to Google+.

This method is easier because everything happens within no time. Here we are just making an inter-connection between Yahoo->Facebook->Yahoo->Google+