How to Successfully Build one-way Backlinks to your Blog


Link building techniques are quite common and popular in the internet arena. Building superior one way backlink is imperative and excellent for promoting your website. Links to your web page can be specifically from two major places. First, you place the link to your blog  at a known place and another case is when other blog or webmaster link to your page.

There is no doubt that “Content is king” on search engines and there is no room for expectation without quality content.  But on the other side,  it is also true that you cannot get higher rankings without the support of search engine optimized link building techniques.

A website enjoys high traffic if it is ranked on the first page of results for a common keyword. To achieve this, you will require lots of quality one-way backlinks links to your blog for that particular keyword.

Link building- Why is it important?

It is basically the method of having Web sites to link to your site, so that it will boost up your search engine rankings. This process is absolutely necessary for your SEO results because most of the search engines consider link popularity as a specialized metric to assess the quality of your website. For example, an incoming link from another site is just like a  “vote” towards your site.

But all the incoming links are “NOT” treated equally. If a top rated website links to you, the value of that link is much  higher and better when compared to a link from a low profile website.
How to build SEO-friendly one-way backlinks?
  • Create new blogs
If you are planning to generate quality backlinks for your site from blogs, it is a better idea to create additional blogs.  You may prefer  blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger and Now you can start publishing quality  contents over there so that you can keep some side wide links to your blog or site.
  • Interview famous people
Finding successful people in your niche with top-ranked websites and interviewing them would be a greater idea to get a powerful one-way backlink to your site. Each time they refer to the interview on their website, it brings up more visitors and hence improved exposure of your site.
  • Create podcasts
It is a true fact that nobody has got enough time to sit back and read lots of text these days. Here comes the role of podcasts. Creating an informative would easily help you to acquire some link juice.
  • Create a plugin or theme
If coding is your platform, it is time to experiment with plugin or theme development. It is a successful idea to create a WordPress Plugin or Theme and add links to your website in the footer section of your theme.  This method would bring in thousands of backlinks to your website if your theme could create waves in the market.
  • Create useful lists
People often look for lists of popular stuff online.  So if you can create a list of such popular and useful information  on your blog, it will generate quality traffic and links. You can create lists of items that usually people prefer to read. For example a list of bookmarking sites or do-follow blogs would bring in more links to your site.
  • Guest blogging

This is indeed a great tip to boost quality one-way links. It also helps to build up traffic, branding and building  successful community of fellow bloggers. I would highly recommend this technique as it offers multiple  long-term benefits.  Try to choose the key area of your topic and find a website in that particular niche with higher pagerank. I have written guest posts on some popular blogs and the result was amazing!

  • Effective use of social networks

If you want to create traffic, branding or even one way links for your website, going active on social networks  would be the right technique. I would recommend you to create a  Twitter Profile and Facebook Fan Page to generate some quality traffic and links to your website.

  • Role of forums

Active participation in forums would bring in quality traffic to your site. But be sure that you find the right niche  which is relevant to your website.


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