HP Pavilion dv7-6101sa Review and Features


HP Pavilion dv7-6101sa comes with an attractive aluminum shell that adds a pinch of aesthetic appeal to the device. The new HP laptop with its 17.3″ screen and high quality Dr Dre speakers, makes it a perfect laptop for movie playback.

Positive Attributes

  • stylish and attractive design
  • bright, large screen(17.3″)
  • better as a movie playing laptop

Negative attributes

  • Low performance
  •  weak battery life

Overall Design of HP Pavilion dv7-6101sa

This device is characterized with big body as well as quality sound. With a weight starting at 3 Kg, it is tough to carry out and the size makes it hard to stuff the device into a bag.

The large screen is perfect for media playback. With attractive color levels and decent contrast, the screen of this laptop is good  for display.

The HP dv7-6101sa laptop bears ‘Beats Audio’ branding that ensures high quality sound features. Compared to the  speakers found on most laptops in the marketplace, the HP device provided rich volume, more bass and the great attraction is the subwoofer which is found on the underside of the HP machine.


The device comes covered in a very attractive brushed and sleek aluminium shell. The sleek cover is also added to the  wrist support and surrounding area of keyboard. The laptop looks stylish and ideal for the current market. It is worth the money you spend for such a device with incredible features.

Ease of Use-Keyboard

The keyboard of this new device characterizes square keys  which are slightly too far apart  to benefit the ease of use. They’re easy-to-use with the large chassis, but the half-size up and down arrow keys are little awkward.


The average sized trackpad and buttons appear fatty than normal size. But it is quite appreciable about the ease of button usage on this laptop. Around the laptop side, you’ll find a multitude of ports, namely two USB 3.0 ports,  HDMI and VGA outputs, two headphone sockets and two USB 2.0 sockets. You can also find a mic socket and a multi-format card reader.

You may be expecting a Blu-Ray drive on this new HP laptop. But it is quite shocking to see a DVD drive here. At this price, there is no room for complaints. The HP dv7-6101sa offers 1TB hard drive, so you can keep away all the space-related worries apart.

HP Pavilion dv7-6101sa Specs


Price of HP Pavilion dv7-6101sa


This laptop is the best machine for  movie-playing. Bur when you consider the performance aspects, it is average. If you prefer a great laptop with powerful performance, but not interested to spend your hard earned money more, it is advised to consider an affordable laptop with better features.

The price of HP Pavilion dv7-6101sa is £560.

The HP Pavilion dv7 laptop series may cost around (Rs.) 70,000 in India.


  1. I bought this product a few days ago and as expected everything was top notch. I haven’t had a single problem the laptop, and it runs much smoother than any computer that I have ever owned. This laptop didn’t only meet the expectations that I had for it after reading its specs, but it blew them away with its incredibly clear sound system(even has a sound bar above they keyboard meaning the sound isn’t muffled under the computer like in many laptops). I have already put my time in to setting this computer up and have been blown away by every aspect. I have experimented with newer games such as starcraft 2 and have seen the utmost quality produced by the graphics card. For the price of this laptop it delivers far more than one would ever expect. when HP designed this model they really did their best work; every detail of this computer is brilliantly designed. between the sound system even coming with a small sub-woofer, the outstanding graphics card, the giant hard drive, and the 10 hour battery life this computer really can not be topped easily. This computer is definitely the best out there for this price range.