Impact Of Facebook On Students And Employees


Nowadays the impact of Facebook on students is a serious topic of discussion. It has become an important part of our daily life. This was not the case before some years. Earlier it was just a spot to connect with relatives and friends. Today, even our grandmother, uncle, aunt and everyone are on Facebook. So it is quite usual that students and employees are spending most of the time in this social media platform.

Impact Of Facebook On Students And Employees

Impact on Employees

Most of the employers are concerned about the productivity issues related to the use of facebook in offices. Recent studies reveal that social networking sites adversely affect the productivity of the corporate sector including the IT companies.

The interesting fact is most of the companies have taken countermeasures to restrict the use of such sites. But the success of these measures is often a matter of question when there are different methods to access blocked sites.

impact-of-facebook-employeesOrganizations and companies that allow Facebook access in the offices had a considerable loss (1.5%) in the productivity of the employees. Recent surveys show that most of the workers access this site during the working hours. The case is much worse when workers spend around two hours using the site. When analyzing the facebook usage on a group of employees, it is clear that there is no business reason related to the use.

Let me come to the point. Just ask yourself how many times you are spending on Facebook each day? Are you properly utilizing the valuable time or trying to kill your valuable time using this site. These days’ students and elders both use social networking sites as a source of fun and entertainment. I know there are many positive aspects for this platform. It helps you to connect with your friends and relatives.

Facebook as a Time killer

A study by Ohio University revealed that college students are spending more time on social networking sites and utilizing very less time for studies. The impact is not negligible when compared with the academic performance of other students who are not using facebook.


  • Facebook –Is it an addictive drug?

You know the answer very well! The answer is simple and I don’t need to explain it here. 

Impact on Students:

I have come across many students using Facebook during their study hours. Most of them waste time by simply chatting or browsing the site. The usage is particularly notable among the high school students. A research on this matter exposed the fact that students depend on online communication for emotional and social support. Thus there established a relationship between the school-related behaviors and Facebook usage.


The students are distracted from their academics due to the addictive nature of this site. The most threatening fact is students spend more time on Fb than on any website. The conclusion is that social networking sites like Facebook affects the productivity of both students and employees worldwide.

Positive attributes of Facebook:

  • An interactive platform to easily connect with others
  • Helps in boosting one’s ability to engage in conversations and hence build socializing talents
  • Fun and entertainment platform

Facebook-The reality!

Now we are in a state of dilemma where we need to consider both the negative and positive sides of this site. It is notable that within a very short period of time, it conquered the minds of millions of people. The growth of the website was very tremendous and amazed the developers itself.

I am not deviating from our topic. I am also a Facebook user. Realizing the time constraints is the best method to keep one away from such a “drug”. My question is, are you using it effectively?

It is true that it is affecting the productivity of employees in different fields. One acceptable solution is to limit the usage and allow the access only during break hours. When people log in to this site, they may not even know how the time runs away. That is the inherent ability of this addictive site. We often tend to go back and check for updates, post photos and so on.


Facebook usage is directly proportional to time and hence related to the efficiency and productivity of workers. It also affects the academics of students in a broad manner. Although there are numerous positive sides for this site, considering the addictive nature is vital. Time is the most precious thing we have got and hence proper utilization of time is of prime importance.


  1. Nice article Jesna.. Too much of anything will cause worse effects, which applies to fb also. But those who have a strong discrimination power will evolve as positive gainers frm social n/wing. It’s all about attitude and the purpose for which we are using fb.

    •  Thank you sir!! You said it right. Social media sites like fb has lot of positive sides if used in the right way. But today students and employees are overusing it and simply wasting valuable time. Yes, strong discrimination is the necessary point here.