iPhone5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs


The entry of iPhone 5 into the smartphone arena just amazed the tech enthusiasts all over the world. As expected, the new phone from Apple came with noteworthy features including the larger display. But let us check out whether it is a better competent while compared with Samsung Galaxy S3 and many others in the spotlight.


What is your opinion?

In some areas, the newcomer is actually ahead of S3. Being the most slight smartphone to date, iPhone 5 is a trendy device in the market.

Apart from the outer features, ask yourself the most important question. Which one is right for you? Which one is worth every penny you spend for? Let us start our hunt for best with the design aspects of both the phones.


The thickness factor of iPhone5 is quite impressive! With 5-7.6mm thickness, Apple’s new phone beats the Galaxy S3 which is 8.6mm thick.

• iPhone5 – 5-7.6mm thick
• Galaxy S3 – 8.6mm thick

Apple comes with a metal case phone where as the S3 has got a case made of plastic. Removable battery is a plus point for the S3 compared with the non-removable battery of iPhone5. This time Apple took special care in minimizing the thickness of the phone and the end product shows their success in the goal. Without the front rear glass and with the introduction of advanced screen technology, iPhone5 is amazingly slim and trendy!


The screen resolution is a negative side for the newcomer when compared with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Screen resolution – iPhone (1,136*640) and Galaxy S3 (1,280*720)

 iPhone5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs