Irene Greif-Famous Woman Computer Scientist



Irene Greif is a famous women scientist who is known for her contributions in the field of computer science. In a domain where male candidates dominate most, she managed to make a name of her own. She is the founder of CSCW ie Computer-Supported Cooperative Work. She is also the leader of Lotus Research which is based on CSCW results. It helps several persons to use and discuss on a document at the same time from remote locations.

She is the director of the IBM Center for Social software and CUE (Collaborative User Experience) group.

Irene Greif Biography

  • First woman to take a PhD in electrical engineering and computer science (1975) from MIT
  • Joined MIT as chief research scientist in 1982
  • Served as the MIT research group leader and developed real-time collaboration systems, coauthoring techniques and shared calendar
  • Founder of CSCW– Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

In 1987, she joined Lotus and later in 1992, developed Lotus Research. Major products from this research group includes:

  • Version Manager (1-2-3)
  • InterNotes Web Publisher
  • Sametime strategy
  • First Palm Pilot conduit

Her work at MIT is appreciable and her colleagues supports that she is the one who bought major changes to this domain. Irene tried to bring computer scientists and social scientists under one single roof through a forum. With CSCW she bought a new dimension to the art of interaction between machines and people. This idea is the bottom line of collaborative software products such as Lotus Notes which is a famous groupware. She also made several contributions to books in this field.


Irene and her MIT team enabled group collaboration for all the Lotus products through Version Manager 1-2-3. They also made important contributions in real-time communication systems. In 1995, IBM acquired Lotus and thus she became one among the four women ever known as an IBM fellow. She is a famous woman computer scientist who made a mark of her own.

Irene Greif has been honored with several awards for her works in the industry. She is a fellow of ACM and AAAS. She is a successful mother who set a great example for the future generations. She is considered as one of the top women computer scientists who made amazing contributions in the field.