List Of High PR Travel Blogs For Guest Posting


Finding a travel blog for guest posting may not be a tough task if you have the right idea about this platform. If you are looking to enhance the popularity of your website, guest posting is the best way to accomplish your promotion goals. But this strategy is least utilized when it comes to website or blog promotion. Most of us belong to the larger community which makes least use of this success formula.

Then, what is the best method?

The blogging community definitely outlines the saying,” survival of the fittest”. So, are you fit to survive?? From what I have experienced and learned from blogging, I could easily say blog success is just about quality content and right optimization procedures. It is your duty to take your blog to the next level and it is possible only with the help of right marketing techniques.

Why You Should Guest Post?

The question seems too simple in this context. You may be thinking I am talking about guest posting rather than giving some travel blog links which accepts guest posts. Yes, I am coming to the point.
The very first question that comes to your mind may be, why should I write a post for some other blog? The answer is:

• Helps to enhance your blog authority
• Traffic and integrity

When you plan to write guest posts, the best strategy would be to write about 10 posts and schedule it in a way that it gets published in the same time range. When you contact a blog owner with your travel post, make sure you follow a professional pattern. It would be often better to build a communication line with the authors through comm Here are some of the travel blogs that accepts guest posts.

List Of High PR Travel Blogs

PR 4 Travel Blogs For Guest Posting:

  • Travelblog

Alexa Rank – 7,610 

Page Rank – (6)

  • Travel-O-Cafe 

Alexa Rank –78,370 

Page Rank – (4)

  • Active Back Packer

Alexa Rank –593,023 

Page Rank – (3)

  • Trains On The Brain

Alexa Rank –197,405 

Page Rank – (4)

  • Daves Travel Pages

Alexa Rank –1,047,397

Page Rank – (4)

  • In The Know Traveler

Alexa Rank –267,099  

Page Rank – (4)

  • Travmonkey

Alexa Rank – 82,966    

Page Rank – (4)

  • Twenty Something Travel 

Alexa Rank –  62,493  

Page Rank – (4)

  • Velvet Escape

Alexa Rank –   68,905   

Page Rank – (4)

  • Suzyguese

Alexa Rank –   143,653 

Page Rank – (4)

  • 501 places

Alexa Rank –  162,267   

Page Rank – (4)

  • My Beautiful Adventures

Alexa Rank –   102,619 

Page Rank – (4)


  1. Just to ask about TravelBlog. Do you mean guestpost in the sense that we can create a blog in the site and write a travelblog ourself?

    Or is there a special section for that?

    • Hi Jom, Guest post means you can contribute an article for their website and you would get a link back to your site. There is a special section for guest posting in each blog. It usually varies.

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