Microsoft Surface Tablet Vs iPad Specs


Microsoft just marked its entry into the tablet world with “surface” which is a brand new tablet with appealing features and specs. Now the question is whether it can win over iPad or not. The success of a device completely depends on user feedback, experience and functionality. The tablet arena is now looking out for a competition between iPad and Surface tablet.

But common people cannot judge between tablets without adequate tech knowledge. That is why comparisons and reviews and important in the technology world so that it can guide the common man to judge a product easily.


According to some specialists, this new device may go beyond the Apple’s iPad with a bunch of novel features and modes. Before getting into the details let me make it clear most of the known information about Surface tablet is not clear yet. So, I will be updating the post as it comes live.

Design and Display

There are two models of Surface tablet from Microsoft. While considering the display factors, it is clear that Surface tops the position with a 10.6 inch display than the iPad with 9.7 inch display. But the popular retina display of iPad with 256 pixels/inch is better than the HD resolution of Surface Pro (208 pixels/inch).

Thickness –Surface RT (9.3mm)

      New iPad (9.4mm), iPad2 (8.8mm)

Cover and Look

The cover of the Surface tablet is really amazing with a unique touch of aestheticism. The multi-touch keyboard with an appealing stylus makes it a smart device. The “touch-typing” feature makes it more competitive with the Apple’s iPad.

Operating System

  • Surface Pro (Intel Core (quad-core) i5 processor)
  • New iPad (Apple A5X processor (dual-core))

Windows 8 operating system is the major highlight of Surface tablet whereas iOS 6 is the unique feature of New iPad. If you are looking at the number of ports, Microsoft is far ahead of Apple. But it seems that Apple is least bothered about the ports.

Specs Comparison