Mobile Phone Radiation and Health Issues


With ever changing phase of technology, there is a steep increase in the health risks associated with use of new generation gadgets. Let us first think of how technology changed our daily lives. Technology related health issues have to been considered seriously now. Mobile phones started playing a crucial role in our life. With light laptops, increasing friends in social media sites like Facebook and touch phones, everything changed the way we live. I think it is time to just refresh minds and think backwards on how we have transformed ourselves to this current state.

Let me outline some of the serious health affects related to over-usage of several gadgets. By the word “over-usage” I did not mean only a minority here. In one sense or the other, it is applicable to all of us. Bluetooth usage, laptop usage (excessive) can be a great threat for a healthy life!


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Health Issues Related to Mobile Phone Use

  •    Stress

The usage of smartphones may result in high level of stress according to recent studies on this topic. The major reason is people are often anxious to check their phones for a message or a call. This anxiety would eventually turn into a stress disorder resulting in other health problems.

  •  Radiation

It is evident that mobile phones emit radiation which would affect the user. Since more and more people are using cell phones and number of phones manufactured in a year is strikingly increasing, this has to be treated seriously. Even though the level of radiation and the effect of a particular range have to be studied in detail, we cannot come to an exact range.

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>There are two types of electromagnetic radiation, namely ionizing and non-ionizing. The mobiles phones emit non-ionizing RF energy. This radiation is readily absorbed by the skin where the phone is kept.


>Depending on the technology used in the phone, the level of RF energy exposure may vary. There are several others factors that contribute towards the effect.

  • Distance between user and the phone’s antenna
  • Duration and type of mobile phone usage
  • Distance of the user from the mobile phone tower

>Studies in this field could not establish a prominent relation between cancer (nerve, brain, neck) and phone use. Since the technology is rapidly evolving, this area demands more research. Radio waves that are released by a GSM phone may have a power of 2 watts.

According to Prof. Johansson of Karolinska institute, there are several effects of using mobile phones. Brain tumor is just one among them compared to serious effects like genetic damage, reduced concentration, sleeping problems, learning capacity problems and much more.

Safety measures to reduce exposure to radiation

  • Try to reduce the use of cell phones near your ears
  • Keep your mobile away from body when you are not using it
  • Often recommended to use headset or speaker phone
  • Reduce long calls and try to maximize use of land phones.
  • Do not keep your phone near head or under the pillow while sleeping