Recommended For You Plugin- SimpleReach Slide


You might have come across a “recommended for you” dialog box while browsing through websites or blogs. If you are interested to add such a slide, then simplereach slide is the plugin for you. There are novel ways to keep your visitors engaged on your site. Serving links of related articles at the end of  a post is a better idea and is used by many. Now let us come to the point.

It is a free plugin that I recently added on my blog. It is a simple slide window at the bottom right of the page. This slide plugin displays a cool slide, preferably at the bottom of a page or post which recommends the related or a similar post according to the current post. It is an excellent way to keep the readers engaged in the contents of a page. With the Twitter and Facebook sharing buttons, it even helps to popularize the post. Thus it is a medium to boost content over different social media platforms.

Download SimpleReach plugin from WordPress.


I am sure that you have come across several websites that use similar plugins. Mashable and NY Times have made this ‘recommended for you plugin’  very popular, and now you can simply add this slide on your site with one-step easy installation. The simplereach developer team has made a number of enhancements to their plug-in to make sure it works just as expected.

I have been using this slide for a couple of days and the result was really amazing- a steep increase in the page views. Keep in mind that page views does not mean new visitors to the site. It simply refers to the same visitors visiting other pages.  It makes it easy for the  visitors to find more articles that belong to the same category. The simple reach slide gained popularity in the blogging platform recently and the impact is really interesting.

Following are some of the cool benefits:

  • Highly increased page-views
  • Ability to fully customize the functionality and style
  • Social sharing – Twitter, Google +1 and  Facebook via embedded social buttons
  • Access to analytics in ‘Reports’ on
  • Readers are given the ability to opt-out

The development team has been working hard and tried their best to explore the most acceptable ways to take reading experience to the next level. This is one of the perfect ways to keep your first time visitor engaged to your site content. It grabs the visitor attention instantly with the slight animation feature. There is no room to worry about the loading time of your page because of installing this slide. It uses asynchronous loading so that it will not affect the load time of your pages in any way.


  1. i really like ur post.
    will u help e out in this “related post” plugin
    i tried many but didn’t get desired result.
    which plugin u r using???

  2. Does it work with the latest WordPress version? 3.5.2 ? Because I have installed it, also registered on their site, but it doesn’t show on my blog.