Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Specs and Review


Samsung Galaxy Ace is the right phone for you if you are pleased with the Samsung Galaxy S 2. The design is simple and elegant with a glossy finish.  The gripped back cover makes it easy to handle the phone. The Ace looks similar to the Apple’s iPhone 4 with its squarish case and screen (3.5″). But the case of the phone is mostly plastic while compared to the metal case iPhone 4.

Positive Attributes:

  • Stylish and iPhone 4 like outlook
  • 800 MHz Processor
  • Bluetooth v2.1

Negative Attributes:

  • Absence of flash player
  • Old version android 2.2
  • Over priced
  • Poor screen resolution

Like Samsung’s recent smart phones, Samsung Galaxy Ace is also light-weight and is only 113g. The Korean tech giant Samsung has created a stylish, trim smart phone with square-like shape that resembles the iPhone 4.

samsung-ace-specsThe Ace’s pixel resolution(320×480) is not as promising and sharp as other smartphones in the line of expensive phones. Although the resolution is okay, clear reading of small text demands little more resolution. Thankfully, the Ace offers fast zooming in and out features along with excellent multitouch support.

The screen is not the AMOLED one which is usual with the Samsung line of smartphones. But the LCD type screen is quite perfect in every way.

It is a boon to have a small screen and it adds much spice to the appreciably good battery life of Samsung ace. With Even if  GPS and Wi-Fi are both turned on, you can use it two days without charging.

samsung-ace-specsGoogle’s software, android 2.2 Froyo is the brain of this smartphone. Although phones with android version 2.3.3 are already available in the market,  android 2.2 still has the best out of this OS and there is no room for worry that you will miss out some cool features like NFC support and SIP calling that’s available on the latest android smartphone versions.

The ace offers a smooth multiplayer with accelerated performance. It quickly satisfy all your needs with ease. Quick launch of applications and fast download is all possible with the 800MHz processor. The 7.2Mbps HSDPA ensures fast and easy  downloads over 3G.

ace-samsungSamsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Specs:


 Price of Samsung Ace

The price of Samsung Galaxy Ace pay as you go deals starts at £149.90.

The Indian price for the phone is around Rs. 13,199/-


    • Both ace and gio have similar features. Ace comes with a better camera (Ace-5MP and Gio- 3MP). If you compare the design and weight, you may take the decision. Gio is light weight when compared to Ace. I prefer Ace for its camera..

  1. I am using ace from 3 months and never faced any problem.But the main advantage is ace having gorilla glass display which won’t break easily.But battery is not lasting more than 3-4 hours if yo are using wifi/3g is pretty good and I love this phone…

    • Incredible phone; has a quick processor, gouerogs visuals, incredibly efficient battery usage, lightweight, and of way crystal clear accent call quality.I can run like 5 apps at a time and it won’t die until many hours of use, and in habitual use, I have made the phone last for over a week on a single 100% charge!

  2. Samsung Galaxy Ace is great, have it for a week now and boy m i loving it.. User friendly but the battery sucks, it dont last long but then again, i aint really complaining- bragging!:-0