Sell Photos Online- Microstock Photography Sites


Microstock photography is a new buzz word in the photography market that offers great opportunity photographers to sell their photos online. If you are passionate about photography, the doors of stock photography is opened wide in front of you.

The arena of stock photography comprises of two distinct platforms-Macrostock photography and microstock photography. When it comes to microstock photography, it is obvious that you are going to earn less per photo when compared to a sale through the macrostock photography site. The later one offers a better price per sale, but it is hard to get accepted by the major macrostock sites. So it is advised that beginners ty the microstock sites first and later move on to the competitive market.

Most of the beginners in this field find it difficult to find the right information on microstock photography sites. Here is a list of major websites that offer a better place for photographers to market and sell their original photos online.

Microstock Photography Sites


ShutterStock is one of the major microstock photography websites where the photographer/seller can earn up to .25$ per photo sale. If you could make a successful online portfolio here, then you will be enjoying decent income from this stream.


Getting approved by ShutterStock requires you to pass the initial stage of evaluation. You will be prompted to upload 10 photos of 2.5MP. If you are lucky enough, your photos will pass the evaluation stage. At least 7 among the 10 photos must be approved by the site for getting a user account there. Once approved, you can upload infinite number of photos to your online portfolio.

But if you are rejection in the evaluation phase, you will have to wait another three months to apply again. This site offers great features like IPTC and FTP usage while uploading photos.


For an account at iStockPhoto, you need just three photos for the initial review.You are paid according to the size of the image being sold. If it is a small image, the earnings will be $1/image and so on.


Like other stock photo sites, iStockPhotos offers affordable photos of high quality. Anyone having a digital camera and internet connection can give a try in this field. Initially you may not earn much, but as you go on adding new photos to your portfolio in respective microstock sites, you will be getting more exposure and hence more sales.

Role of Keywords

When you upload a photo in a microstock site, it is quite essential that you add adequate keywords related to the photo. Stock photos are nothing but the photos that you have with you. If it is of high pixel quality, you try to upload it into the stockphoto sites. But without necessary keywords, potential buyers may not be able to find your photos.

Make sure that you add enough keywords along with photos. It is often better to use IPTC so that you can keep the keywords and relevant information about a photo in the photo itself!