Slices-The New Twitter App For Android


Hey Friends,
Hope you all are ready for some news as we have some sizzling news for our android users! In place of the old twitter client “LISTS” a new one has been launched and they named it “SLICES”!

To help you discover new people you’ll like, and organize everything into neat, easy-to-read categories. Slices is a new Twitter client that does it all! When you load it up for the first time , a few “slices” are automatically created for you, or categories of the users you follow, as your science and tech tweets, political tweets, or comedy tweets without cluttering everything else. That way you have immediate access to your tweets. But you can make all your slices yourself and categorize it just the way you want! Find new people to follow, ongoing events, post to Facebook and lots of more!



SLICES is a new abed beautiful new twitter client for android users. It has all the features that the previous twitter client had but in an organized way.
Some of its features are:

  • Bookmarks: You can add bookmarks to access your lists quickly.
  • Multiple Account Support: For our social butterflies SLICES features multiple account support.
  • STATS: It has a section that shows your frequently used Hash tags, the numbers you follow, top mentions and often tweeting times.

You can explore famous people to follow from the directory. It would be much helpful to get a list of great people using the “explore” option.


  • Zip IT:  A feature that allows you to ‘mute’ individual users and hash tags without unfollowing them!
  • Web Component:Lets you access you slices and data on the desktop also.
  • Chop up: The most attractive feature, as the name indicates, is that it allows you to chop up your timeline into mini user-created feeds called Slices!

You can divide your timeline into groups so that you can easily manage each group. For example, you can create groups like friends, co-workers, funny people etc. The feature is illustrated below.

features of slices appPlus Points:

• Fast
• Smooth
• Clear and clean interface
• Easily manageable.


Negative Points:

• Performance hiccups
• Superfluous with lists

SLICES are available as a free download from Google Play Store. Apparently, It does not have anything that LISTS does not feature. But Once you get handy with it, it’s impossible to ignore its glimmering features, as it features everything but with a more manageable way. This is also extremely beneficial for those who may follow a huge amount of people and want to make it a lot more manageable by slicing the information up into manageable chunks. And define it all by the type!

P.s. It’s an icing on the top for our twitter-maniacs!!
Stay Tuned for more.



Artcle by Waqas . He is a writer for a tech Blog and he loves to write about latest android apps and iOS updates. He is a tech freak and a fun loving guy who is  passionate about Android and iPhone.