Top 5 Twitter Tools For Journalists


There are hundreds of twitter tools available in the marketplace. Out of them, we have sorted out the best twitter tools for journalists. Let us visualize things from a journalist’s perspective. Social media tools are largely used by people working in the media and news field to keep updated with latest happenings and news.

Some tools and apps are helpful to build your own brand name as a media person while some are perfect as research tools. Here is a comprehensive list of useful and popular tools that are used by majority of the journalists.

Best Twitter Tools For Journalists


This one is a great tool that helps you to monitor specific keywords like “revolution”, “election”, “death” etc from tweets in a specific language or in a specific geographic region. For example, “Robbery in Denver?” is a type of tweet that can be monitored well using this tool. Twitterfall comes with an array of features that makes it quite easy to know breaking news. All the related and necessary tweets fall into a special page from where you can check it easily.


As a journalist, you need to connect with researchers, journalists or professionals with similar interests. It is often quite difficult to find the best set of people to interact with.


This tool makes the task easier and fast. It goes through the self-descriptions of other people and hence you can easily locate profiles using a specific keyword. If you need to find people with journalism and media in their bio, this tool is the best option.

The Archivist


You can monitor and track searches in Twitter using The Archivist tool. It offers helpful visualizations and graphics which is appealing to the users. You can also understand who all are your loyal readers and the frequency of your retweets. This may not be directly helpful tool for a journalist. But this one can be effectively used to market yourself and build a brand name in this domain.


This tool is connected to the Google Earth program and is highly useful to view news updates and information in real time. You can easily understand the trending topics in every region and get images to illustrate the current news. Thus you will get necessary screenshots from a specific geographic location along with the tweets related to an event.



Tweetmeme tool helps to know how many times a tweet is retweeted and gives an outline about trending topics. This tool is also useful for searching political happenings and breaking news. If you are a newbie trying to explore twitter, this one might be for you.