Top Android Apps For Artists



With the current splash of android apps that comes daily into the marketplace, it may be somewhat difficult for the artists to find the right apps for their android tablets or smartphones. Now is the occasion to discover your artistic side and show off your creative flair on a touch screen.

The market is exceptionally well stocked in a wide variety of apps catering for your need to sketch and paint. If you are a graphic designer or a Photoshop expert, such apps let you edit photos and dig up the best out of your android device. Here is a list of the top android apps for designers and artists. Check it out.


If you are looking for a real painting experience, you may give a try on “canvas” app which is custom designed for digital artists. Using brushes and multitudes of features like layers, you can create amazing results. It can be used to edit photos, zoom and correct finer details of images. It is the finest drawing app for artists and is just free!


-Custom colors and brushes
-Extensive multi-layer support
-Efficient Lasso Selection System
-Dodge/Smudge/Burn tools
-Multitouch panning and zooming

Famous Paintings

The next interesting app is definitely “famous paintings” which would be a window that opens up the great world of paintings. It is the most preferable introduction to amazing works of art with zoom feature that allows you to zoom and view each classic painting in finer details. From famous artists like Picasso to Rembrandt, all are covered in this app.

Art Academy

This one is a free art history app that surprisingly turns your device into a library of thousands of masterpieces. It offers information about each artwork in detail along with its museum and background details. You can also share your favorite artworks with others through Facebook, email or Twitter. Art Academy aims to be an art reference app for modern and classic art. Usability is highly improved with the tabbed layout. If an SD card is available, you can save these images.


– Set artworks as wallpapers on your screen, also comes with periodic wallpaper revision
– Higher resolution pictures (with fine details)
-Can search by painter, period, title or media (eg: Oil, Canvas, self-portrait)