Top Android Apps For Kids Learning


You can make the best use of your android phone with apps that helps your children to learn and develop their skills. Today’s children are more inclined towards technology and devices like smartphones. But making the best use of such devices is crucial. Most of the android apps for kids that are available in the marketplace are perfectly tailored for the growth and development of rational skills.


First step is to consider the age of your kid before you try any app. Children of different ages need apps of different levels. Some of the apps are custom-made for kindergarten kids while some are made for school going grown ups. There are several android apps for kids with autism which helps to boost up mental capabilities.

Make sure that the apps that you select for your kid offers some kind of educational value or select both educational and fun apps. Some of the applications like paint and palette helps to boost the aesthetic elements of your kid. Such drawing apps play a good role in triggering artistic abilities children.

Here are some of the best and free android apps for children.

HomeWork app

This is one of the best free android app which helps to manage timetable and homework. It comes with 5 main screens.

  • Classroom assignments can be listed along with date
  • Can list all the events including exams
  • Detailed timetable


Alphabet Car Lite (free android app)

It is an android app that is perfect for kids under the age of 5 years. This app is designed for helping the kids to learn alphabets easily. The overall process is arranged as a fun activity including colorful patterns, music and graphics. The features include:

  • Helps to learn words and letters
  • More than 40 stages (advanced stages)

kids app-androidConcentration for Kids

A fun game for kids of all ages which is best for boosting the concentration power. It helps the children to match letters, animals and so on.

children-android-appKids Connect The Dots

An ideal app for preschoolers. The kids can join the dots to form various patterns.It helps the children to understand and recognize different numbers and shapes.

android-educational-appsToddler World

The app is best for keeping your kids engaged for long hours in a fun-filled environment. It blends educational aspects as well as entertainment bits for your children.


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