Top Plugins to Show Falling Christmas Snow on Your Blog


Let it snow! It is time to welcome and enjoy Christmas in the falling snow. Have you ever thought of tiny white snowflakes falling all over your blog? There is nothing as delightful as welcoming your website visitors with an amazingly animated falling snow.

Is it possible to add this great effect on your blog? Let us come to the point. We can easily create a snow fall effect that smoothly falls down the web page and then gradually disappears. It is even possible to customize the fall by controlling the number of snow flakes and the time of their disappearance. If you are a proud owner of a WordPress blog, then why not to try this effect and celebrate this joyful occasion with your blog visitors.

To activate snow fall on free WordPress blogging platform, simply go to the dashboard, then Settings -> General section and look for the checkbox titled “Show falling snow on this blog“.

It is very easy to add the “snow” effect on your blog. If you are the owner of a self hosted WordPress blog, you can try for the “Let it snow” plugin to show white falling snow on the pages of your blog. Let us add some falling Christmas snow to our WordPress blogs!

Download Let it Snow plugin.


Snow fall plugins for WordPress Blogs:

  • Snow storm – You can display falling white snow flakes on your blog with this plugin.
  • Snow, balloons and more – Simply add snowflakes, drops, leaves or balloons on your WordPress blog with this easy-to-use plugin. You can limit the snow fall to specific pages and posts. It also allows you to decide the number of snowflakes.

Now simply type “let it snow” and search on Google. You will be amazed to watch the Google snow magic! Try it now!