Top Sites That Pay You For Writing Content




Making money by writing for other websites sounds cool. Right?It is true that you do not need your own website or blog to make money online. You can write for other websites and earn pretty well. You could easily find many article writing jobs in the online world!

When it comes to writing for others, the scenario is quite different as most of the revenue sharing sites have different conditions.

  • Some of the websites pay for your article based on the quality and length of the post.
  • Other sites share the revenue they receive from the ads that appear next to your articles.

1. Be a Guide ( is one of the most highly paid sites which offers the best payment for the writers. You can apply to be a guide at this site by the “Be a Guide” program. The selection process is very strict and it is really difficult to become a writer here.

But if you have the real passion for writing or if you are good at a particular subject, the chances are more.

2. Payperpost


The advantage of this site is you can pick the advertisers yourself and make good deals with them. There is no limit on the nature of subject. You are free to write on any subject. The minimum payout here is $50.

3. Squidoo

Squidoo is a great platform to make money by writing informative lenses (articles are called Squidoo lenses). You can place ads and revenue from the site. It also offers a chance to place your Amazon affiliate links with your post so that you can earn little more!

4. DigitalJournal

You can get paid by writing about topics and can earn by reporting news. This is a revenue sharing program where you will get a portion of the revenue earned by the site.


You can earn money by writing a review or a summary of an article, book, website or any related topic. The content need not be original and should not exceed 900 words.

>You will get 10% of the advertising revenue from this site.


This is a great platform for freelance writers. The payment is guaranteed and you can earn a nice income after being a part of this network.

How to apply?

  • You need a writing sample and a resume to apply for a writing post.

Tip: It is better to avoid poems, overly technical and conversational style samples when you apply for such posts.

7. Suite101

This is another website which pays you for writing content online. It is big revenue sharing network and is profitable from the writer’s point of view.


You can write about anything you like! You will get the complete revenue generated by your article page! This is really profitable for bloggers.


You can write your opinions and reviews about a huge range of products. Minimum word limit is 20 words.


If you are a subject expert, you may try It is a fastest growing network with a huge reader base in US. You need to write minimum 2 articles per week and keep your audience engaged.