Top Task Management Tips for Better Productivity


Task management is a crucial step towards achieving the right mix of productivity. Effective task management tips are necessary to tackle this concern. It is not a Himalayan mission to adopt the best practices of managing tasks with respect to time. What you need is a tapered focus that converges to a specific point of accomplishing a well-defined goal.


Task management is all about switching between priorities while keeping an optimum level of flexibility and keeping a single task under the spotlight without any distractions. Let me outline three vital points here:

  • Methodically carry out your tasks in a well-defined sequence
  • Stick to “high-priority” tasks
  • Make the best use of your active times of a day

You may switch between different tasks. But it is important to maintain a higher level of productivity and this comes from training yourself to accomplish tasks from multiple angles. Improving productivity at work is crucial for every company or organization. When you are working as a team, lack of productivity of each individual affects the performance of the whole team. There are certain well-proven tactics to manage tasks in the best way so that you can enhance productivity to the next level.


>True fact-You are not a machine! 🙂

When you create a task list, just keep in mind that you are not a robot to work all the time. Reward yourselves with proper breaks to maintain an optimum energy level. It is vital to remain proactive and figure out the best method that works well for you.

Productivity improvement can be addressed as a problem that demands a multidimensional solution. Here are some useful tips that help in task management:

  • Concentrate on a single task until you finish it. We can call it as a zooming methodology where you practically come out of a big picture and zoom into smaller details from different perspectives.
  • Develop a specific time frame to deal with emails and follow it strictly. Take special care to avoid distractions during your working time. The emergent boost of social networks proved to be a major challenge for productivity. It is in fact one of the key accounts that kills valuable time in enterprises.
  • Time management and task management goes hand-in-hand. Hence keeping an eye on time is an inevitable step behind every success formula in this domain.

>Do you know which the most hard-hitting time management tool is? Answer is simple! Maintain a “Daily task list”. It is common that many of us fail to make the most out of daily task lists. Productivity at work is directly proportional to how well you can deal with your task lists.

I am not talking about creating a ‘simple’ task list. What you need is a list that energizes you to accomplish each of the outlined tasks. Here comes the magic of colors. Categorize your tasks according to importance and assign colors to each of them. For example, you may give a Red or Orange color for high priority tasks. Assigning due dates to each task would help more with time management.

Task Management Tips


  • Apply the divide and conquer strategy

If you have larger tasks at hand, it is often recommended to divide it into smaller ones so that you can easily complete it. This method will help you focus on each smaller task individually and concentrate on crucial steps.

  • Make proper use of software tools

The whole process of task management can be worked out with pen paper. But have you ever thought of using task management software? It is a great idea to find latest applications that lets you create “living” and effective “to do lists” where you can sort and categorize tasks easily. Most of these apps come with the ability to sync with mobile devices. This helps you to manage your lists from anywhere.


  • Try to eat the monster first

When you are fully alive and charged, it is the best time to take up a challenging task. Consider those tasks first as it ensures that tough ones are not kept aside and you are not wasting time worrying about tasks. This would help to give mental peace and freshness. Here the logic is too simple! Do not start with bugs and take up the monster last when you are beating around the bush.

  • Be a monk while you work

Just try to trim down out of focus human interactions while you are at work. If you really need to complete a task in time, you need to focus on what you are doing. The monk strategy works well in this case as you can achieve results when you seclude yourselves from the outer world.

  • Act now!!

The best way to accomplish a task is right action at the right time. It includes all the ingredients for fruitful results. Just stop thinking and act right now! This is a magical formula that works for every individual in a team.

I hope these tips are helpful to you. Now the ball is in your hands. If productivity is your top concern, then task management is inevitable.

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  1. Nice Share!

    I think you can start by breaking down the bigger task into smaller one and setting up a calendar based deadline for each. Usually, each task will be required to lead into the next one, so that the first task will get completed soon.

  2. There is an android app “trello”. After seeing many similar task management platform, i felt this is really effective, simple and user friendly. Even you can manage a team work.