Top WordPress Content Slider Plugins


WordPress content sliders are an excellent way of displaying featured content in the most notable fashion. If you have a  blog or website, it is essential to choose the right plugin for effective space management.  The content sliders offers an excellent way to display your portfolio, or showcase some of the featured content.

At present, Flash-powered content sliders and jQuery sliders are ruling the WordPress marketplace. Having a featured post plugin or slider on the front page of your blog would definitely enhance the aesthetic level of your WordPress blog. But the question is whether to go for a paid content plugin or a free plugin. You can choose from a multitude of slider plugins that are readily available online.


slidedeck plugin download

The SlideDeck WordPress slider plugin is the best  one that allows you to showcase featured content on your WordPress blog/site without any hassles of writing codes. The plugin control panel tool takes acre of all the necessary functions and performs well with your blog.


  • Ability to  build dynamic slide shows
  • Complete API control, excellent customization features
  • Smart slidedecks and easy to add any media to slides

You can Go for a Free SlideDeck download or you may buy the SlideDeck Pro plugin from here.

Slider Evolution ($18)


This Slider Evolution is an advanced jQuery slider which is pretty and easy-to-use. The features of this slider plugin are:

  • Selectors and multiple skins
  • HTML support, play/pause options
  • Timer and unlimited content sliders per page

The setting page of Slider plugin is shown below. Here you can select transition effects, the dimensions of the sliders and many other features.

plugin settings

Nivo Slider


The Nivo Slider is completely free and the better way to make your blog or website amazing.  It comes with the following features:

  • 16 transition effects
  • open source and flexible setup
  • jQuery plugin which is semantic and small

Front Slider WordPress Plugin

If you need a Slideshow on your blog or site to improve the design and readability features, this one may be for you.  It features:

  • shows date, time, excerpt and the number of comments for Posts
  • back and forward navigation buttons
  • easy customization( slider speed, autorotate)
  • styling ability

slider plugin download

Avia Slider($12)

An excellent jQuery slider which is a paid plugin that costs $12. The features of Avia slider includes:

  • Valid HTML5, unique transition effects
  • linked image support and image preloader
  • Autoplay options


Anything Slider

This content slider is developed by Chris Coyier and comes with exciting options. This jQuery slider is absolutely free and easy-to-use. You can download content slider plugins from online resources. This plugin features:

  • Continuous sliding and next/previous slide arrows
  • hashtag on each slides
  • multiple sliders per page
  • dynamic addition of navigation tabs

This is just a comprehensive list of top wordpress content slider plugins. Will include more plugins in the next posts.