Top WordPress Page Navigation Plugins



Page navigation plugins are of great help to meet your pagination requirements on a wordpress paltform. When you have a list of entries, this one would be the right choice. What exactly is the benefit with such a plugin? The visitors to your website often looks for ease of navigation and readability features.

If you can provide an option where the visitors can quickly jump to the page of their choice, instead of the old “previous” and “next” options, it will be an added advantage. Here at the bottom of this web age, you can see a box with page numbers that allows you to browse a specific page of your choice. The most impressive feature of such a plugin is the improved usability of a blog. If there are large number of pages, it is highly recommended to make the navigation easier.

Other than pages, you can also try this for Author, Category and date-based archives. You can even paginate your  blog entry archives so that only few number of comments will be displayed on each page.This post is fabricated to meet all your pagination queries related to wordpress blogs.


This is an outstanding way to handle heaps of content into an accessible navigation. This enables the user to navigate easily through the pages to find the content of their choice. You can download this plugin from wordpress and activate it from the plugins menu.



WP-Paginate is a flexible pagination plugin which offers high accessibility features on your WordPress blog or site. This one is simple and easy to manage.



WordPress SEO pager

This multi-page pager helps to readily replace the standard options that comes with WordPress.The features are:

  • You can easily customize the next and previous labels for pager.
  • Can add page numbers to categories.
  • On page numbers greater than 1, you can optionally excerpt posts.
  • Can show the date associated with every page link (date of the first post) for easy navigation.
  • Offers SEO options.







Smart Pagination(Premium plugin)($13)

Smart pagination is a premium WordPress plugin from codecanyon. It comes with custom pagination models and advanced options.

  • 11 different models for pagination
  • Next/Previous label – label next/previous text in your own language
  • link text color and current item text color customization
  • Hover link text color and custom font size
  • Customize  border – yes/no
  • Can choose the border color

premium pagination plugin

This is only a comprehensive list of wordpress pagination plugins. There are many more yet to be explored!


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      Page navigation plugins are quite useful for every WP user. But some of the themes come with in-built navigation options too..