Trojan Horse Virus-Impact and Symptoms


A Trojan horse virus is a lethal malware which is a serious threat to the security of your system. It seems to be a trustworthy or useful one which often results in an array of issues. You might have heard about Trojan virus. But Trojan horse virus and Trojan virus are not the same. The key difference is Trojan horse virus appears itself as functional and helpful software.

How will you get this virus?

Internet is the best source which distributes this deadly virus. It may be a system update or a trustworthy e-mail that presented you with the Trojan horse virus. Most of the users may not notice anything unusual because it often comes from trusted sources. Common people are not aware about these types of viruses. When the file is opened by the user, the virus just creeps into the hard disk and settles there.

Most times, the virus pretends to proffer some software which the user thinks that is necessary for the system. It may be antivirus software or email notification. They tend to use catchy advertisements so that the users fall into the trap easily. The Trojan gets installed on the system when the user downloads and installs the affected software.

Some of the Trojan viruses use file sharing programs like Kazaa to spread while others spread through e-mails.

Impact of infection:

The impacts often vary according to the nature of the Trojan virus. Some are simply designed to be an irritation for the user. Most of them are harmful for the computers as it destroys useful folders and files.  Trojans are capable of creating backdoors to a system so that the hackers can gain access to a specific system.


Trojan Horse Virus Symptoms:

We all are interested in accepting free-stuffs. But have you ever thought about the legitimacy of those stuffs offered by the websites. There are multitudes of unsafe sites that proffer infected software to the users. By this way, your system may also be infected. These are some of the symptoms of Trojan horse infection.

  • Change in the screen saver settings
  • Sometimes you cannot see the cursor
  • Mouse cursor moving without any action from your side
  • Change in the “print” settings
  • Common symptom is inability to manage windows restart or shutdown
  • Exhibiting strange mouse functions
  • Change in the taskbar
  • Blue error screens