Ubuntu For Phone-Review and Features


The arrival of Ubuntu for phones marked the beginning of another revolutionary era in the world of smartphones. Ubuntu for android phones will open up a new world of computing. It helps to drag all the desktop applications onto the phones.Canonical’s latest product into the competitive market of Apple and Android would definitely create a wave of its own. This is one of the single operating systems that can run with ease across computer, phone and connected televisions.


  • Demands no physical buttons and is completely dependent on swiping moves and gestures to handle the phone.
  • Different functions can be easily revealed with the help of four edges of the phone.
  • When you swipe phone from left, you would get your favorite apps from the launcher.
  • Will support x86 and ARM processors so that developers can effortlessly port the current Android apps.

The makers are planning to launch Ubuntu for Galaxy Nexus in the coming days and the initial phase of the phone hardware is scheduled for this year end.



Is there room for multiple OS given the status of Apple and Android in the phone domain?

Ubuntu is one of the best open source platforms for desktops and its entry into smartphones would definitely deliver great results. A complete open source OS would look smart in a smartphone. It is time to thank the developing team at Canonical for this stepping stone.

Ubuntu for phones is developed around the current Android drivers and kernel. It did not use the Java’s Virtual Machine and the new OS assures to work well on any existing hardware.


Ubuntu for Phones-Features:

The navigation part is well-fabricated with wise use of edges for rapid selection and movement.

  • Favorite apps: You can access your favorite apps by simply swiping the phone from the left.
  • Can access all the opened applications in the foreground by completely swiping from left to right.
  • Running content: You can take the frequently used apps by paging right or left from the phone homescreen.
  • Drag the bottom edge to top to access the settings menu of Ubuntu.
  • It features a smart Notification center where you can reply to various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and others.
  • The images taken using the new OS will be readily moved onto the Ubuntu cloud by the Gallery App. Users can easily access these photos from any other device or platform including Windows, Android etc.
  • The enhanced voice control feature is named as “Le coup de grace” through which users can issue commands and use apps.

Ubuntu on phones is different from Ubuntu for Android.

This is often confusing for many people. With Ubuntu for android, it simply means that Ubuntu can be installed on android phones and both Ubuntu and Android can co-exist in the system. In this case, you can use Android for your phone OS and Ubuntu will remain as such. But Ubuntu for phones entirely substitute the Android.