Varthamozhi-Voice Enabled Malayalam Newspaper Reading System


VarthaMozhy is the first voice-enabled Malayalam news reading system which helps you listen to latest news with ease. The software downloads news from two major Malayalam newspapers (Mathrubhumi and Malayala Manorama). Varthamozhy reads out the news according to user input and gives display. With better utilization of Automatic speech recognition technology, it redefines user interaction to the next level.

This voice enabled system is a boon to physically challenged people to hear news easily and with minimum physical movement. With high-end audio feedback feature, visually challenged people can use the system with ease. There are three modes of interaction with the system. The user may either go for mouse, keyboard or speech mode.

Apart from these facilities, two other (icon and menu) navigation methods are also supported. The features supported by the news reading system are as follows:


  • User can select news topics
  • Increase/ decrease volume
  • Can change Font size
  • Advanced navigation option such as details, previous and next
  • News archiving feature

The user can give verbal commands to the system. The software downloads the newspaper (online edition) and reads the news according to the user directions. That means you can select main headlines or hear detailed news with commands.

The major elements of the news reader includes:

  • Text-to-Speech module
  • News extractor
  • XML writer/parser

Varthamozhy uses the MBROLA TTS engine for speech synthesis. The software offers an easy-to-use user interface which makes the user control all the functions easily.

Varthamozhi is a free software and you can download it from Malayalam resource center.