Creative Portrait Photography Ideas Tips

Portrait Photography Ideas and self-photography themes are quite popular these days. It is used at beginner as well as professional levels. Creative photography techniques inspires us to try out different method while taking photos. Right knowledge of shadow, light and composition is ideal to take best photos. There are portrait photography ideas for couples and

Irene Greif-Famous Woman Computer Scientist

Irene Greif is a famous women scientist who is known for her contributions in the field of computer science. In a domain where male candidates dominate most, she managed to make a name of her own. She is the founder of CSCW ie Computer-Supported Cooperative Work. She is also the leader of Lotus Research which

Top Task Management Tips for Better Productivity

Task management is a crucial step towards achieving the right mix of productivity. Effective task management tips are necessary to tackle this concern. It is not a Himalayan mission to adopt the best practices of managing tasks with respect to time. What you need is a tapered focus that converges to a specific point of

Famous Women in Computer Science History

Here is a list of famous women in computing. The role of women in computing is often a question of interest in this fast evolving technology era. It is not a tough task to find famous women in computer science or technology. The role of women in society was gradually polished with the advent of

Mobile Phone Radiation and Health Issues

With ever changing phase of technology, there is a steep increase in the health risks associated with use of new generation gadgets. Let us first think of how technology changed our daily lives. Technology related health issues have to been considered seriously now. Mobile phones started playing a crucial role in our life. With light