Speaktoit Assistant and Vlingo- Free Siri-Like Apps for Android

If you are looking for a free Siri alternative for your android device, you may consider Vlingo virtual assistant or Speaktoit assistant. The Apple’s Siri app is yet another triggering point of Apple-Android battle. It is quite notable that there are free Siri-like apps already available free in the android market. You can easily make use of this great app by simply selecting the right one for your device.

When iPhone 4S kick started a new era with the introduction of the personal assistant “Siri”, Android arena came up with a multitude of decent voice assistants to enjoy the most out of your android phones.

Hope you know much about Siri and how it works. It answers all your questions intelligently just like a human being and when you ask weird questions, Siri gives funny replies! This app was one of the major factor behind the success of iPhone 4S in the smartphone marketplace. But without any doubt we can say that it was a modified version and copy of the Google Voice. Even though it lack the ability to answer your questions, it lets you text and place phone calls using your own voice.

Free Siri-Like Apps for Android

Speaktoit is a free virtual assistant for your android phone which  helps you to find information, answer your questions, connect you with different web services and launch apps. You can also make it do simple math calculations.

What sets this virtual assistant app apart is that, besides information and humor, it explicitly offers both voice customization and avatar.

This app is still in the beta phase and we can expect more functions in the future. The interesting part is that the app allows you to select from a multitude of assistants which includes  old professor, blonde girl, handsome agent or brunette girl. You can talk to your assistant as if human and it avoids the  hassles of remembering commands.

Using text box, you can simply type to it and it will answer  questions with different facial expressions! But the only drawback is that you will need to have an internet connection to make it work!


Vlingo is the most powerful and well-known virtual assistant for android powered smartphones. It  can simply use your voice to send emails and texts, make calls,  search the web, dial numbers, find places and launch other apps.
Siri-like app
The impressive part of this siri-like app is the Car mode by which you can activate the app by using the “Hey Vlingo”command. This is an efficient app that recognizes your voice easily but like the speaktoit app, you will need an internet connection to use Vlingo virtual assis.



Example: How to use Vlingo virtual assistant

Connect with friends and family…

  • “Where are my cousins?”
  • “Update Facebook status; Headed to Alaska for the weekend!”
  • “Call Dad”
  • “Text John; Want to see a movie tonight?”
    • “Email Smith; Subject, Wait for me; Message, John, I’ll be back soon, wait 10 minutes for me.”


Find things to do and business

“Call mechanic”

“Find a Chinese restaurant”

Other than these two free android apps for voice recognition, you can go for apps like ‘Edwin’ or ‘Iris’.

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  1. Lauren Baker2134

    December 28, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    Me and my friends have used Siri and its seriously good, other app which are listed here

    are just voice enabled apps in which i dont c anything special, but i

    have tried out a free app by http://www.mybantu.com

    which is pretty good bcoz it was generating very relevant


    • Anonymous

      January 8, 2012 at 12:45 pm

      thanks for this great suggestion! Yes, Siri is the best one according to user reviews.

  2. Jeff Smith

    January 4, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    I have used Siri and its seriously good, other app which are listed here
    are just voice enabled apps in which I don’t c anything special, but I
    have tried out a free app by http://www.mybantu.com which is pretty good
    bcoz it was generating very relevant recommendations unlike these apps
    listed here which just Google’s everything :/ only Top 3-9 results rae
    shown of which we can ask opinion from our friends and Talk of the town
    (Yelp, Amazon, Urban spoon etc)we can share opinion on FB, Twitter,
    yahoo and I fogot we can also get coupons thr..as a productivity app I
    can compare it with siri its definitely better than these apps listed

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